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Dry Eye Bootcamp in Edmonton

Our mission at Total Focus Northgate and Dry Eye Clinic is to offer all dry eye sufferers relief from their symptoms by diagnosing and treating the root cause of their discomfort. Our office, conveniently located in North Edmonton, uses specialized diagnostic testing to determine the type and severity of your dry eyes, and we offer the latest treatment technology.

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Are You Tired of Teary or Watery Eyes?

Do you experience frequent burning, itchiness, or a sandy feeling around your eyelids? You likely have Dry Eye Syndrome, a progressive condition that can cause permanent damage to your eyes if left untreated or undertreated. 

30% of Canadians suffer from dry eye disease, and 82% of dry eye patients are not satisfied with artificial tears alone, requiring more advanced treatment.

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What is Dry Eye Bootcamp?

1. You will meet with one of our optometrists for “Dry Eye Bootcamp,” a dry eye treatment program designed to get your eyes back into shape! Our optometrist will discuss your exact stage of dry eye, as well as action plans.
2. Our specialists will then complete comprehensive testing to create a targeted treatment plan to alleviate, halt, and improve your eye health. A personalised treatment plan will be designed for you patient, using technology mentioned above.
3. Dry eye progress will be closely monitored using specialised testing, questionnaires and visits with our optometrist.

Please note: Over 85% of the patients treated by our practice noted improvements in their symptoms after following a customized treatment plan within 6 weeks!

We WILL get your eyes back into shape, using the latest technology!

Cutting Edge Diagnosis Tools

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TearLab Osmolarity System Thumbnail 1.jpg

TearLab® Osmolarity System

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Meibography Workstation

The Latest In Treatment Technology

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TempSure Envi Radio Frequency


Do you experience dry eyes?
Speak to us about our successful IPL treatment!

We now supply PRP eye drops to treat dry eyes