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TearLab® Osmolarity System

TearLab Osmolarity System ThumbnailTearLab’s state-of-the-art lab on a chip technology measures Osmolarity (the salt content in the tears) by testing a small tear sample. We will test both eyes, and will then take the larger number of the two tests, to produce your osmolarity number. Your osmolarity number shows me the health and durability of the protective tear film which covers the surface of the eyes. The osmolarity number parallels with how severe your Dry Eye Disease has become, and provides us with a clear and accurate direction in treatment.

TearLab provides accurate (results within 30 seconds) and early detection of Dry Eye Disease. Your eye doctors can now quantitatively oversee disease severity and can begin the treatment process much earlier in the disease than ever before. As well, TearLab aids your eye doctor to be able to custom prescribe treatments specific for your individual needs, and the progress of the prescribed treatments.

We have established a practice that is committed to offering top quality ophthalmic analytic procedures and medicines. With the TearLab Osmolarity System, we are now able to utilize quantitative information for the purpose of consideration to assist in the diagnosis of Dry Eye Disease and to enhance our capacity to deal with these patients.

If you are suffering from irritated, itchy, red, dry, or watery eyes, make an eye exam appointment for a TearLab dry eye evaluation today.

Call Total Focus Northgate and Dry Eye Clinic on 780-472-7740 to schedule an eye exam with our Glengarry, Edmonton optometrist. Alternatively, book an appointment online here CLICK FOR AN APPOINTMENT


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